A DIY simple threshing machine made by Vietnamese Farmers

A very useful simple threshing machine will let you understand about the creative of human.
Vietnam is a country base on agriculture and most people doing farm by growing rice. The threshing machine is not cheap to them. Most people join to a cooperation to buy a machine for all use. That is the most effective way to do.


However, some small and poor farmer live quite far away. Where the big threshing machine not easy to impart. They have to find out the best solution for them.

Normally, they will bring their rice after harvest directly to the place has that machine. That is not good because they have to bring the straw rice also.


Finally, they make a small machine by themselves. It is really simple and they use the available materials to make.
This is not the best machine, but it is the most suitable and effective for the small flamers at this moment.
Let is take a look at this video and see how does the simple threshing machine is working.

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