Amazing useful idea to make an air-cool without electricity

Have you ever know or heard that an air-cool without electricity. You may think that it is crazy and impossible. However, while it does make a lot of sense to use electricity-based Air conditional. But in the fact that we could find a way to cool down our home without electricity supply is very interesting.

And There is still great to see that there are lots of options when it comes to cooling without electricity!


Eco Cooler system

Eco Cooler is a very easy and interesting project. It was created by a lot of people in Bangladesh. Nowadays, it is used in many other countries in Africa as well. One of the most important reason why it becomes popular is because we don’t need expensive materials to make it.

You can see this photo and understand how to do it. What we need here is the empty plastic bottles like Coke.
We need to cut the bottoms of the plastic bottles, once that is done you slide the neck of those bottles in the holes. Finally, lock them with the cap. Now you just hang the board on the window and the temperature inside will drop a few Celsius.


What is the principle of Air-cool without Electricity

The thermodynamics principle here is called the Joule-Thomson effect. And this process is known as throttling. The Liquefiers, refrigerators, heat pumps and air-conditioners work using the same principle.


Have you ever consider that in the downtown with a lot of hight building. You can feel the air-blast is strong than the widely area? That also a way to understand how this eco-cooler works.

Watch this video to see how does it works.

With this idea, not only help the air of our home become cooler. It is also a good way to reduce the plastic bottle waste to green up our living area. Moreover, it’s totally free.
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