An amazing idea for transformable tables – BOULON BLANC

Why we need the transformable tables. It is useful for some specific purpose. A table that will not only enhance your interior but also adapt to it.

The embodiment of functionality with a contemporary aesthetic. Its transformation is intuitive and operated by a simple, elegant, and natural-feeling Helicon move.

Most transformable tables use an X-based mechanism. The same system used in ironing boards. It was inconceivable for us to allow such a design to be the center piece of a living room.

BOULON-BLANC-Transformable-Table-basic-idea 1-min

The movement of the feet is synchronized during the transformation. Each foot is set on high precision ball bearings to ensure a smooth movement with no disruptive gaps.

BOULON-BLANC-Transformable-Table-basic-idea 1-min

Specific of the transformable tables – BOULON BLANC

BOULON-BLANC-Transformable-Table-basic-idea 1-min

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