An amazing idea for water gun – Spyra One

The water gun is a very beautiful toy for all of kids when they go to the beach or play around the garden. It also innovate they play outside instead stay at home with smart devices. More over, the Spyra One is not just for kids, it also a good toy for all of us.

This water gun has improve some functions to make it stable and more fun. First the design not as same as a normal gun. It has bright color for easy recognize. The size quite big for storing water and easy to hold


Inside the gun has some sensors to control the volume of water, battery status and water pressure. Very fast to refill with any water.


Spyra One patent-pending valve-nozzle technology also achieves a previously unknown precision: Instead of soaking, Spyra One’s water bullets clearly hit their targets at up to 7.5 meters – that’s as far as the laws of physics allow!


No protection needed – it’s just water. Because of a specifically engineered valve-nozzle technology, this water gun requires only low pressure levels to achieve maximum precision and range.

Refill anywhere, from any water source. Spyra One’s pumping system is protected by a water filter, so do not worry about small parts damaging the internals. Just hold the front end into any clean water source – a lake, a bucket, or your swimming pool – and push the button to let Spyra One refill the tank.

Full pressure whenever you need it. It’s integrated pump repressurizes the water automatically during refilling. The tank system then holds the pressure constant from the first to the last shot. Whether you have 25 shots left or just one, you always have full range and precision.

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