An amazing smart mouse trap made by Vietnamese farmers

In the Mekong delta – southern of Vietnam, farmers creative new way to catch mouse that is called smart mouse trap. In this area, most of people do agriculture by growing rice. Therefore, this is heaven for mice, rats…They destroy the harvests.The farmers have to control their business by catching mice, rats as much as possible.

There are a lot of way to kill these rodents. By using poisonous food, use cats or dogs to hunt these mice. And they also creative many kind of trap to catch these pests.

smart-mouse-trap-basic-idea 2-min

Finally, they found an amazing idea trap to catch these mouse effective. At one time they can catch as much as mice without our attending. We don’t need to replace the bait for the mouse traps. Moreover, the trapped mouse doesn’t feel fear although inside the trap. So it doesn’t scare the outside mouse.

smart-mouse-trap-basic-idea 2-min

In the front gate, they use kind of one way gate, so when the mouse comes in, it is trapped and no way to go out.

In this trap have 2 separate room. The first room has bait. After got trapped in the first room, with their curiously, mouse will move to the other room. This is one way gate, so it cannot return.

In the back side of the trap, it has a gate to withdraw these mice for killing or do something else.

Please take view this video for more detail. In this video will show you how to make this smart mouse trap by yourself and how effective it is.

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