An Idea about growing vegetable in the urban

Growing vegetable in the urban has so many advantages. People always prefer the green. And the green of leaves make us feel comfortable and peaceful. Moreover, the vegetable can absorbs CO2 and cleans the air for us.

GreenBelly is an good idea about a vertical garden that can change the future of cities, by making use of the existing walls to produce fresh food in limited spaces. It is Using recycled materials and organic waste from neighbors, it is a sustainable project that can change the life of urban dwellers!


The most advantage of this model:

  • Removable vertical vegetable garden.
  • Novel use of residual spaces.
  • Flexible structure with scaffolding and recycled materials.
  • Creation of compost with organic waste.
  • Ecological and permaculture growth techniques.
  • Distribution and sale of fresh local food.
  • Local community participation.


Local benefits

  • Provides freshseasonalflavorful and nutrient-rich food products.
  • Improves urban landscape.
  • Maintains and develops local biodiversity.
  • Reduces the use of packaging and the pollution associated with food transport.
  • Fixed low prices, due to low costs of transport and intermediaries.
  • Benefits the local economy, generating new trade circuits.


It is easy to develop. It can be growing veggies on existing walls and use recycled materials and organic salads. Finally, it can make greener city, neighbourhood participation and local economy.


Please take a look for more good business ideas and shared these ideas to your communities.


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