An interesting idea with a hidden Step-Stool in the cabinet

Hidden step-stool is an very useful idea for our kitchen. Today, kitchen is a second warehouse to store cooking widgets and foods. The upper-carbines becomes a challenged with kids and elders.
Instead of having to haul a chair back and forth every-time they need a plate, glass, or other item. You may want to consider one of these built-in cabinet step stool.


This idea come from Hideaway Solutions. The integrated cabinet step-stool easily pull-out and folds down to create 2 stairs instantly. Moreover, it can fold down on either side, so it’ll help you reach two different areas in your kitchen.

The hideaway kitchen step-stool gives you an extra 15 inches of height right. Where you need it the most, and gives you this height instantly without having to haul around a portable step-stool. It takes up just 1.5 inches of cabinet space, while allowing the user to access 6 ft of upper-cabinet or shelf space.


In this pull out cabinet step-stool features a child-lock release. This is a good function to keep safe for kids that shouldn’t be using it from pulling it out from your cabinet.
Let’s take a look at this video to see how does hidden Step-Stool work.

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