An useful idea for paint roller cleaner widget

The Paint roller is one of the waste products we can reuse easily. However, there’s really nothing worse than having to clean your paint rollers and brushes after a long hard day of painting.
Because of the difficulty to clean the paint rollers so we always put them on the garbage even after 1 time using.

If it has any tool can help us to clean it easily, we will reuse the paint roller and reduce the waste also.
An useful idea about how to clean this roller easily. It is called Rocket Paint Roller Cleaner. With attaching to your garden hose and it can cleans our rollers easily in a few minutes.

How to use

To use The this equipment we just attach it to any garden hose and turn your water on, then click your paint roller into it, close the lid, and turn it on. It automatically use jets inside the container to spray your paint roller with high pressure, while simultaneously spinning it super fast.


Benefit of roller paint cleaner

The Rocket paint roller cleaner is safe and eco-friendly. It cleans your paint rollers quickly, efficiently, and hands-free. It’s powered completely by the pressure coming from your garden hose or faucet, so it doesn’t require batteries or a power plug.

That is a very useful idea for reduce trash to protect our money and green environment.

Please watch this movie to know how does it work.

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