Automatic Hammer – it is very useful tool for DIY

An Automatic hammer is a very helpful tool for home using. Maybe, one of us have at least one time get a hammer swing onto a nail. It is terrible. It happens when we are feeling lazy, or lost concentration.

In some case like in a tight corner, inside small noks and crannies we cannot use the normal hammer.
Moreover, sometime we are too tire to use the hammer for a long time. The normal hammer also makes noise than the automatic one.


The electric hammer has a magnetic feather to hold the nail in a right place while hammered in. It also has a led light that points at what your hammering so that you can see exactly where it’s going in dark areas.

The electronic automatic hammer zips in nails within a second. It speeds is around 3600 impacts per minute.

Let is open and see what inside an automatic hammer.


In this video we can see how the electric hammer works. In the world it has several brand of this tool. You can check out on the internet.

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