Bilateral Laser Distance Measurer VH-80

VH-80 is the world’s first bilateral laser distance measurer. Let see what that means, what changes, and how awesome it really is.

VH-80 shoots two pulses of laser light from two different sources in opposite directions and measures the amount of time it takes for each pulse to bounce back to its accompanied sensors. Since light moves at a constant, it can calculate the distance between itself and the targets with high accuracy.

With this tool, we can measure the distance between two points by positioning yourself anywhere along the line of measurement. In complicated working environments which not easy to measure. When we need more than two hands or an extra body or two, and there are obstacles in your way, this laser VH-80 eliminates all of these hassles. Moreover, the VH-80’s measurement covers a total of 80 meters maximum. That’s the length of a soccer field.

Laser Distance Measurer Basic Idea-min

Being free in position also means highly improved quality in safety and mobility. Not having to crouch to the floor or set on a ladder may seem like a minor improvement for a single measurement, but often we are measuring more than one length.

It is safety:

This VH-80 is really makes it comfortable when you have to repeatedly get down or constantly move the ladder to travel across the space.

Continuous measurement:  VH-80 measures at a set time interval providing live change along with your movement. Since VH-80 takes the left, right and total value simultaneously, this mode is very helpful to find a needed midpoints.

Measure an Area: By acquiring two values in a row, VH-80 can quickly calculate the Area of your space.

Measure Volumn: VH-80 can acquire the Volume of a space with three consecutive measurements. Like the area mode, it is very powerful for these occasions.

Pythagorean Equation: Pythagorean Theorem Mode makes an indirect measurement by measuring two sides of a triangle to acquire the last.

App: When we make measurements, we usually need to do it more than once. VH-80 has an internal memory that keeps a record of up to 9 measurements. It has an app for thatYour smart device receives data live from VH-80 through Bluetooth 4.0, and with the internal memory of a smart device, the number of measurements you can save is practically infinite

Laser Distance Measurer Basic Idea-min

The accuracy of the laser measurement is ± 3mm with class II laser diodes. Each diode can measure up the 40m – making it a total of 80m possible.

Laser Distance Measurer Basic Idea-min

Laser Distance Measurer Basic Idea-min

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