Bugs salt gun – a fantastic weapon for catching the bugs

Bugs salt gun is an amazing useful idea to chivy bugs out of our life with a lot of fun. This “weapon” is called bug-a-gun.
It is really distasteful with a lot of bugs surround us. We can see it anywhere. They come to our clothes, food and drink. They are dirty and ill-full

How can we let them away. It has so many way to do that. We can use traps, smoke, chemical or anything else. But that way is not as fun as a salt gun.
It release the bugs not as we do normally. It is fantastic. We use this gun to shoot bugs when they come to our food or drink.


To use it, just load the gun up with bullets are any regular table salt you may have and pull the trigger. The salt gun will then shoot out a small load of salt at the bug we are aiming at. It’s completely air-press, and doesn’t need any batteries to use.

With this bugs salt gun we can shoot on roaches, flies, mosquitos and other pests both in and outside your home.


This fun gun is also a very good toy for kids to play outside. Especially in the picnic time. They themself can play hunting bugs game easily. With the water gun, this salt gun will bring the happiness moment for them. Pests will be a thing of the past.

Let take a look at the video to understand how can this useful salt gun can do.

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