DIY – create your own clothing fold cardboard

The clothing fold cardboard is a very useful for our life. It helps us to fold a shirt, trouser or any kind of cloth very efficiently. Fas in a few second with exactly same form when folding your clothing.DIY-shirt-clothing-fold-cardboard-basic-idea-min


It is really easy to make at home with very simple available materials. It is Card board and scotch tape.

  1. First cut the card board the same as this image. You can edit some dimensions to suite with your conditions.
  2. Second, use the Scotch Tape to stick and connect these card board. So it can spin same as the hinges.
  3. Finally, just test with your clothes with your own clothing fold cardboardDIY-shirt-clothing-fold-cardboard-basic-idea-min


In case you have good material, you can replace with the cardboard to make it more stable. Even if you laze, you can find and buy it from online shop like amazon, ebay…etc


Let’s see the video below for easy understand.

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