How does the waterless toilet works – a revolution toilet of Bill Gate

Four years after the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation awarded $710,000 for the development of a revolutionary waterless toilet.

A toilet developed by Cranfield University, it is called Nano Membrane Toilet. Their mission is an important one: Estimates suggest more than 2.4 billion people around the world still live in unsanitary conditions. They don’t have chance to use clean running water. These communities face life-threatening sanitation-related diseases.
The waterless and easy-to-use Nano Membrane is meant to offset this scarcity.


According to Ms. Alison Parker, a lecturer in International Water and Sanitation at Cranfield Water Science Institute. Say that, her team’s new design is meant to serve poor urban areas.

How the toilet works

After a person has done their business and closed the lid. The rotating toilet bowl turns 270 degrees to deposit the waste in a vat underneath. And then a scraper tool then wipes off any residual waste. The solid waste stays on the bottom while the liquid rises to the top.

Extremely thin nano-fibers, are arranged in bundles inside the chamber. They osmotic the water vapor that exists as part of the liquid waste into a vertical tube in the rear of the toilet.

Next, water passes through specially designed bundles that help condense the vapor into actual water. Which flows down through the tube and settles in a tank at the front of the toilet.

As for the solid waste that’s left behind, a battery-powered mechanism lifts the remaining matter out of the toilet and into a separate holding chamber. There it’s coated in a scent-suppressing wax and left to dry out.

Weekly, a local technician visits the toilet to remove the solid and water waste. He will replace the toilet’s batteries if necessary. Residents can use the water of this toilet for tending to their plants, cleaning their homes, cooking, or even bathing. The solid waste ends up at a thermo-processing plant to be turned into energy for the community.

According to Ms. Parker, one toilet can accommodate up to 10 people for no more than $0.05 per day, per user. This waterless toilet will be testing in later this year.

We can easy understand how can this toilet works in this video

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