How to etch on metal – most simple way

Sometime, we would like to etch on metal. Simply, just bring it to the laser machine. The technical will do it in several minutes. However, we also can do it by ourself with a very easy and simple materials is needed.

What is the preparing material

  • Salt, we can use normal cooking salt
  • Ear buds
  • 9 Volt battery. More stronger more faster but dangerous.
  • decal or anything just cover the area we don’t want to etch.


How to etch on metal

First of all, we have to cover the area by decal or nail polish. Just show up the etching area.
We use the eating salt dissolves with water. The more salt the faster we obtain.

The anode of the battery connect with the metal surface via a electric wire. The cathode of battery will be connected with an ear bud. Dip the ear bud in the salt water and place it on the metal area which we want to etch. Move around it for a while. After a few minutes (5-6 minutes). We can see the result.


We can use this method with many kind of metal like aluminum, copper, Steel..
Let ‘s watch this movie for easy understand how to etch on metal

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