How to make an upside down fish tank – easy and amazing idea

Have you ever seen fishes can “fly” above the water surface of a pond? That is awsome and you can make your own upside down fish tank easily.
When these fishes go to the tank “tower”. It look like the fishes is flying above the water. So you can see the whole fish from the head to tail.

We apply an pressure physical theory.This type of aquarium is sometimes called a “bottomless aquarium” or “antigravity aquarium”. The pillar of water in the tank wants to spill downward because of gravity but it can’t because of air pressure. But if you were to lift off the lid, the water would suddenly spill out and into the pond.

upside-down-fish-tank-basic-idea -1

To make this tower, it is quite easy. Just use some glasses or transperant acrylic and stick like a box without the bottom surface. Because this surface will connect to the pond.
Drop out the fish tower inside the pond and slowly pull up. With the natural air pressure. It will force water still inside the tower. Stick some lightweight material to let the box float on the water surface.

Let watch this movie for easy understanding about the upside down fish tank.

I’ve never seen a fish pond with a cool feature like this before! Share this fun aquarium with your friends and family!

We still have a lot of simple and useful DIY.

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