How to print on wood with Poly-acrylic – part 2

In the previous post we show you how to print on wood with acetone. In this tutorial, we change the solvent instead of acetone. We print on wood with Poly-acrylic. In this tutorial we use Polycrylic (just a brand name of poly-acrylic). The poly-acrylic is water based polyurethane. It’s a slightly different process as you stick the paper to the wood then remove it after it’s dry.

Prepare the image which you want to transfer to the wood surface.


We brushed on the poly-acrylic with a small acid brush trying to get a thin film that was wet but not puddling.
I think less is better than more in this instance, and you don’t need a lot.

Then I pressed the paper down into the wet poly-acrylic and smoothed the paper from the center outward to remove any air bubbles and firmly seat the paper into the poly-acrylic before setting the wood print aside to dry for about an hour.


After the finish had dried, we need to remove the paper from the wood print is to wet the whole back first. Then peel off as much as you can by hand before scrubbing. Finally, it’s just gentle scrubbing with the toothbrush until all the paper is gone.


I wiped off the wood with a towel then looked at the wood print quality. Honestly this was the one that surprised me the most. The quality was excellent!


Protect the Wood Prints
After printing on wood we have to protect the printing. We sprayed on two coats of spray lacquer and they actually changed quite a bit.

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