The creative idea with a little robot drawing arm – Line-us

Line-us is a small internet connected robot drawing arm. It mimics your motion with a pen and recreates whatever you draw on screen.

Draw with your finger, mouse, stylus or Apple Pencil and follow it in real time as it copies your movements. We can save and share your drawing to start communicating with other Line-us machines!

The little robot arm for drawing

It’s not same as a printer. it’s more natural like human draw, which gives this robot its own style and unique character. The magic bit is that Line-us draws in exactly the same order you did.

How does it work

Just connect it to a USB battery or power supply and you are ready to use this robot.
The Line-us comes with a small metal plate to hold it in place. We can use it on any writable surface: in your sketchbook, diary, notebook or just a piece of paper.

Line-us the app

The app is how you interact with your own Line-us and see what people have shared with you. It lets you create, save and share drawings; then draw them again and again and again…

It works on iPads, iPhones and Android. It also works on computer. You can draw or write with your finger, a stylus, Wacom tablets or the Apple Pencil. It’s all up to you.

Take a watch at this movie for more understanding this what can tiny robot do.

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