Does a slug crawl on a very sharp razor without any harm?

Do you think that a slug crawl on razor can get hurt? Lets see the experiment snails crawl on some kind of sharp knifes and razors. Snails and slugs are simple, slow, and slimy. They can crawl across knives and razors blades completely unharmed!

Slugs-Crawl- Across- Sharp- Blades-Basic-Idea

How can snails and slugs do not get hurt when crawl on sharp razors.

Because of their slime coated bodies, which reduce friction between their bodies and the blade, and the low pressure produced by their slimy foot, snails and slugs can effortlessly glide across surfaces that would slice just about any other animal to pieces.

Slugs-Crawl- Across- Sharp- Blades-Basic-Idea

In the video, we will watch them in action. Not only can they cross sharp knives and jagged blades unharmed. Moreover they can even glide across the length of the blade as if it’s a rock or a tree branch!

Finally, the slug crawl on razor easily without any hurt.

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