Some easy methods to climb on the coconut tree

Coconut trees are really famous in some countries in southern of Asia like Thailand, Philippine, Vietnam, Cambodia…
The coconut fruit is so amazing. It is supply the delicious food with amazing juice.

So people in this area try to harvest the coconut fruits. To do it they have to climb on this tree. It is not easy to climb because there are no branches in it. And the fruits are in the top of the tree with 8-10 meters high. It is a challenge for harvesting. People in this area cannot use the specialized vehicles to harvest as well.

So they themselves find out the most effective solution to climb the tree. That we would like to introduce to you some easy methods to climb on that tree.

Method 1: Make simple gadget on their shoes.

With some small steel bars. They bend it to a shape and stick it to their shoes. With this climbing method is really simple and also dangerous to. But it works and effective enough to them.

Let check the video you can see how they climb on the coconut tree with a very simple tool.

Method 2: Improve of the first method

Another method more safety. They use steel bars, bend them to the specific shape and weld them. They also consider a sitting place for the climber by using a bicycle’s saddle.


In this video, this man use the second method to climb the coconut tree.

They can use these method to climb on the street light or any tree like that.

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