Useful pocket slingshot – small, convinient and accurate

This is an amazing pocket slingshot idea for you. In the picnic time. The slingshot is one of the useful tool for fun and sometime, it is also a defend weapon.

The small slingshot is called Pocket Shot. The design it may look like a balloon tied to a cut up bottle cap. It is actually a compact yet powerful tool that’s able to whip a variety of different shaped and sized objects at up to 350 feet/second.

The patented circular of this toy allows us to load the device, aim it, and hit different projectiles at two or three times compare to regular slingshot.


This Pocket Shot is very small as it just 1.3 inches deep. So it is very easy to carry in a pocket, backpack, camping gear…

This small slingshot can easy to shoot anything that we can fit inside of it. However, in order to not tear the pouch, we should use marbles, or small paint-balls to use it as a usual slingshot.

We can also use it as a bow by attaching the whisker biscuit and loading in an arrow.


With the waterproof pouch you can easily store your ammo right in the slingshot itself to assure your ammo is safe and dry.

Check out the video and see how accurate slingshot in perform

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