Useful STEM idea with a paper airplane engine controlled by smartphone

We will show you an amazing idea for STEM with a paper airplane engine controlled by your smart devices. Back to childhood, most of us usually fold the paper airplane for fun. However, it just fly in few minute.

Now, we have technology to make an tiny RC engine controlled by smartphone. This engine can helps the paper aircraft fly on sky for long time and it can turn any directions as we want to.


This engine is not just a toy for fun. It’s more than that, could be an good equipment for STEM education. It helps students understanding the aerodynamic models. Thus, they can do their experiment with multiple difference models immediately to find out the result.

We can use this engine to combine with paper, foam or any light materials to create in any kind of airplanes, aircraft…etc.

Specific of paper airplane engine

  • lightweight with just 19 grams
  • For full charging is take about 25 minutes
  • Fly time is roundly 10 minutes
  • Wireless range up to 70 meters

Could you take a look at this video to see how it works

We hope you interested with this useful ideas and you can do it by yourself at home. Please leave a comment and share to your friends.

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