A small weapon to wrap suspects easily without pained

This weapon to wrap suspects is a very helpful tool for police to catch and control them.That is Bolawrap. It ensures a safe space between subject and officer, does not rely on pain compliance. And is specifically designed to be deployed early in an engagement.
It is non-threatening form allows time to de-escalate and provide needed support.


For police, having the ability to instantly restrain subjects is key, and sometimes they need something less lethal than a gun, and less invasive than a taser.

The Bolawrap 100 is a unique tool designed for law enforcement professionals that throws a lasso around a subject to instantly restrain them with minimal to no pain involved.


It is throw gadget hurls an 3 meters kevlar tether that comes in a cartridge that you load in to the device. It can be instantly deployed with a push of a button.

The tether lasso exits the device at speeds about 200 meters per second that’s powered by a 9mm blank. And it can wraps subjects 1-3 times at a distance between 3-7 meters away.

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